Welcome to the website of Glopaca International, the paper trader from Holland. We supply quality paper and board from many different Mills to customers around the world.

Not everybody realizes that paper and board are essential products in our daily life. Our customers, however, certainly acknowledge the importance of paper for the respective industries that they are involved in. Therefore we understand that they must be able to rely on straightforward and realistic information on the status of their orders with us. As we appreciate every one of their orders, Glopaca customers can count on the following:

  1. supply of quality products from well known mills using first class shipping lines
  2. 24/7 availability, so that from any part of the world and at time you can get in touch with us
  3. direct and immediate contact with the person who is finally responsible for your account
  4. reliable and realistic information on pending orders or future business


Because of our travels abroad we realize all too well that many in our world do not enjoy the basic needs for a life that we would wish for our families and kids. Water, food, shelter and eduction are fundamental rights for everybody. In the regions where we work, in Africa as well as in the Caribbean, children especially are very vulnerable.

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