Paper from Glopaca

Roughly our customers can be found in the following areas of industry:

  • stockists / distributor
  • printing houses / publishers
  • packaging industry

For them we supply a general range of products from mills in Europe, North-America and Asian countries, such as:

  • offset / bond paper
  • 2-sides coated art paper
  • copy paper
  • wetstrength and dry label paper
  • Bristol board publication papers
  • standard and improved newsprint
  • directory paper
  • LWC and MWC specialities
  • carbonless paper
  • self-adhesive paper
  • OTC
  • greaseproof paper
  • flexible packaging packaging paper / board
  • Duplex and Triplex board
  • Folding Box Board
  • (envelope) kraft paper
  • greyboard

For any specific product that you are looking for, please click here to send us your request.


Because of our travels abroad we realize all too well that many in our world do not enjoy the basic needs for a life that we would wish for our families and kids. Water, food, shelter and eduction are fundamental rights for everybody. In the regions where we work, in Africa as well as in the Caribbean, children especially are very vulnerable.

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